Tarot Reading with Roland (60 Minutes)

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Hello you lovely being. I am Roland and I am an intuitive Tarot Reader. I am here to support and guide you on your golden path of intuition. Focused with my Cards to bring you out of despair, lack of clarity or any situation that confuses or bothers you deep inside. My Energy & the Cards can help you to get clarity about your current circumstances and to find the deeper issue why you got into a specific situation.

This tarot reading is suitable for all people who want to discover the deep background of an specific topic or to understand the dynamic between two people or energies. Actually it does not matter what Energy is its, as long as you can name it. (Partner, Job, Pet or any other living or even non-living thing like a flat, a house etc…)

The tarot can show whats on your heart, the deep issue that lingers behind, a suggested next move and a possible solution to your situation through the laying of the cards. During the Reading it will give you insight, clarity and a much needed calmness to move forward with your situation. During this our, the reading brings you out of your mind and back on your golden path of intuition, where everything is possible.

It is an interactive Video Call where you can see me and the Cards. You can tell me your story, and i will suggest the best way to start into it.

I am offering a FREE 15 Minute Video Consultation for all your concerns.

All the best, see you soon on your golden path of intuition.

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