The Emperor Meaning in Tarot


A stubborn, energy of Aries – fear driven, hard lead through intuition

The ultimate King of all Kings. An Energy of control holding steady for his dear life, impulsive and stubborn, but yet powerful to get his goals. An Energy of holding all together, he is the cornerstone, if removed, everything collapses.

About the Emperor

His beard is long and white, and signifies a wise old man who can deal with a vast amount of different energies. Under his red coat a tight, cold and hard knight’s armor, also representing his will and dedication, but also his fear of enemies, even from within. He holds the imperial orb in his left hand to symbolize the power over the world, and the Ancient Egypt ANKH in his right hand, symbolizing the son of man (control over the peasants). In his background, solid stones, mountains and on his head the imperial crown, showing his power.

The Emperor in Tarot is sitting on his strong, immovable chair, made out of solid stone. Two Aries heads on each side, and two on the top, showing his dedication to get what he wants, through the power of hierarchy. An Energy that does not care for flexibility or new ideas, do as i say or head off. His Coat is red and symbolizes the muladhara chakra, the basic needs like stability, food, water and security he fulfills for his kingdom.

But through all of this hard and solid energies flows a river, which helps him to still be in touch with the movable nature of things, that comes naturally to him, either through intuition or his subservient. Without ever admitting it, he is dependent on the court Jester, the magicians, the guards and other advisers to hold everything in place.

He naturally does not care how energy or information reaches to him. He listens to his servants, but still goes after his own head, and his god given rights. Not only that, but he does not bow down to anyone, but still knows that his kingdom is under god, and therefore holy. Furthermore, he prays in secret, and does his affairs very private, and his connection to good is his holy secret. he would never expose or show his prayers to the world.

The Emperor in Astrology and Tarot

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The Emperor from a Yogi perspective

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